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Designed to connect talent, organizations, and suppliers for iconic events—from the Olympics to local festivals—fostering growth and unforgettable experiences.

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Attract Top Talent

Access global talent for mega events or connect with local professionals to enhance grassroots initiatives.


Discover Your Next Role

Professionals can secure top mega event roles worldwide or find local opportunities to bring their expertise to grassroots events.


Proven Expertise

Save time and easily find a company that can provide a turnkey solution, technology, or consulting.


Availability Management

Track your commitments and expose your availability.


Access Resources

Explore shared community-driven event resources.

Ops Plans
Open Models

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology is advancing faster than ever with the advent of LLMs and Generative AI. We’re incorporating these tools in useful and novel ways, enhancing your interactions, productivity and supporting your ability to plan and deliver epic events.

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Feature Roadmap

We're working on a comprehensive roadmap of upcoming features, along with a voting system to prioritize developments that best meet your needs.

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